From an Investor in Start Up Companies –

“Stephen Schultz represented me in an extremely complicated business matter incorporating shareholder disputes, business valuation, as well as shareholder fiduciary responsibilities and compliance.  His ability to grasp, retain, consider, and leverage large volumes of information is the best I have ever seen.  His thorough analysis of the facts and laws coupled with his intelligence, experience, and client sensitivity place him in the company of the very best attorneys you could ever hire.”

From a Business Owner –

“Hilary Schultz is a superb lawyer with tremendous experience in Business Law. I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of her services. She created an Asset Purchase Agreement that demonstrated her expert knowledge of corporate law in establishing our firm’s presence in another State. She’s the Best of the Best! I highly recommend Atty. Schultz to anyone.”

From a Minority Shareholder in a Partnership –

“You have our undying gratitude Stephen—you stated when we first met that we could not afford you. Truer words were never spoken. I have known many highly skilled advocates in my 42 year career, many of whom I am honored to call my friends.

Of all the lawyers I have met and worked with only one (who rose to become a state Chief Justice), perhaps, might, just may be in your ball park—then again I am probably wrong—It is both possible and even probable that you are alone in the skill set that  I have witnessed first hand over the last two years—the sheer attention given to the smallest detail! No stone unturned…I have never seen such preparation …ever. Truly we could not afford you.

I still marvel at the fact that we found you, and more importantly, that you were willing to listen to us, review the records we suppled, go the extra mile to alert your partners to our case and to work out an arrangement to take our case and make our case your own in every sense applicable. Superlatives fail me Stephen. I regret that I am unable to adequately express what your skills and friendship meant and means to myself and my brothers.. You and Hilary will always have a place in our hearts of specific and particular honor and affection. Thank you.”

From a Property Owner –

“A fortunate referral brought Stephen Schultz to my family’s rescue when we found ourselves defendants in a nuisance law suit. Within eight days of our summons to appear (and our phone call to him), he was fully (and masterfully) prepared to present to the court, not a plea for a continuance, but a comprehensive (and winning) argument on our behalf. He was ready. His presentation to the court was as impressive as his preparation, and we were grateful to have found such a skilled champion. The other side has not given up, however, and we continue to be grateful that Stephen works for us. He is learned in the law, intelligent, deliberative, and has a superior calm about him that is, happily, contagious. When we become discouraged with this ongoing legal trouble, Stephen’s sense of humor, his superior wit, lightens the mood nicely.”

From a Hospital Administrator –

“Having been terminated without cause from  an administrative  position, by an administrator to whom I did not report, without the knowledge of my 3 direct reports, after 26 years of employment  at a leading hospital in Boston, I sought legal advice.

After researching law firms with expertise in employment law on the internet,I turned to the top law firm in Boston, Engel & Schultz. I needed representation from a law firm with an extensive scope of legal services, years of legal experience, knowledge in various specialties and concentration in all aspects of the law. Engel & Schultz law firm and team of attorneys were best qualified to help me.

Attorney Stephen Schultz has represented me. He has exceeded all of my expectations. He is the most competent, efficient, effective and confident attorney. He fights for his clients. His no nonsense, straight talk, focused demeanor and highest level of excellence in managing every aspect of the litigation was exhibited at every step of each process. He is very articulate and his precise communication and command of the most minute detail of my situation assured me that he is the most qualified attorney to represent me.

From a Physician –

“As a highly respected healthcare professional, I found myself facing a potentially career-ending situation, due to the unfair devaluation of my years of service for a large regional hospital conglomerate… Never before had I needed legal help or guidance on such a critically life-changing issue…What impressed me the most was Steve Schultz’s incredible ability to accurately predict the moves the other party would make, and provide the best strategic options for me to follow, resulting in a very satisfactory financial settlement, at a very fair cost to me…”

From a homeowner –

“When we found ourselves in the middle of a dispute with our home contractor and needed legal help we were fortunate enough to have a friend recommend Steve and Hilary Schultz. As we moved forward and it was apparent that our case was going to arbitration, Hilary took over the day-to-day proceedings of our case. Throughout the entire process, Hilary exemplified professionalism, intellect and integrity. She went above and beyond to help us receive a result that we knew we deserved. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top legal advice.”

From a Minority Shareholder –

“Thank you all for all your help. It has been a long winding road, huh? Especially you Stephen, and your partners, have done a superlative job. I cannot imagine anyone having done it better. And that you hung in there through many tedious and trying points and going the extra mile (or two) while ill in court – I am more than grateful.”

From a Healthcare Provider –

“It has been a pleasure to work with Hilary Schultz. She showed great integrity, understanding that there are things that can be legally right or morally right, and she was mindful of both.  Hilary was able to navigate me through a very difficult situation by fully understanding my situation, not just what was happening legally but she also considered how the situation affected me personally.  I consider Hilary a great friend and a skillful lawyer.”

From a Former Healthcare Provider –

“I wanted to file a whistle-blower suit against a former employer and was extremely intimidated by the task, having no experience with the legal system.  Hilary Schultz surpassed even my most optimistic hopes for my legal representation.   She was extremely professional, and equally thoughtful and forceful in pursuing my claim, while simultaneously showing amazing compassion for me and the situation I was in.  Hilary fought for, and got, a resolution that was better than I thought possible; I could not have asked for a better lawyer.”