Stephen Schultz represented Harold and Iris Stone who sued the City of Lynn and the City’s Planning Director Kevin Geaney for blocking all efforts by the Stones to sell their property for any use other than a condominium development which the City wished to build as part of a public improvement for its waterfront area.   A jury found that the City constructively took the plaintiff’s property when it refused to grant a special permit to any interested buyer of the plaintiff’s property other than a developer who had been selected by the City to build the public project. The jury further found that Mr. Geaney had negligently inflicted emotional distress upon the plaintiffs. The jury awarded the plaintiffs $710,000 in damages prior to interest. The Appeals Court overturned the jury verdict. This case received considerable local and national coverage (Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Lawyers Weekly, Washington Times, Legal Times). The case raised important constitutional questions, such as (1) whether the government must pay full compensation for economic hardships created by the government’s adoption and support of public projects which are later abandoned and (2) whether constructive takings of property can violate substantive due process.