Hilary Schultz



Boston Lawyer: Complex Litigation

Hilary S. Schultz is a graduate of Brandeis University (1971, B.A. and M.A. in Politics) and Yale Law School (1974, J.D.), where she was an Editor of the Yale Law Journal.  Ms. Schultz’s practice focuses on complex civil litigation, employment disputes, construction disputes and administrative law.

Ms. Schultz began practicing with her husband Stephen Schultz in January 2012 after conducting a solo law practice for nearly fifteen years.  In her law practice, Ms. Schultz has represented individuals and small businesses in civil litigation, administrative proceedings and in real estate transactions.  During her career Ms. Schultz has also been the in-house counsel for a start-up entity; a special counsel in the health care department of one of Boston’s major law firms; an administrative law judge for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; an in-house counsel at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts; a supervisory attorney at RECOLL Management Corporation (an FDIC contractor); and in the trial department of a major Boston law firm.

Complex Civil Litigation

Ms. Schultz has worked on a wide variety of complex litigation matters throughout her career. The subject areas have ranged from commercial disputes to copyright infringement; corporate governance to products liability; finance and lender liability to real estate; government contract disputes. She has also regularly applied her extensive experience handling discovery, motion practice, and state and federal trials to cases not typically considered complex civil litigation – construction disputes, loan work-outs, divorces involving high net worth parties, health care and insurance coverage.  She has obtained six and seven figure judgments against and settlements with investment partnerships, a pharmaceutical company, a government entity and a small construction company. She also successfully defended a small cap public company against shareholder claims.

In-House Counsel

Ms. Schultz represented a start-up company for approximately four years. During that time, she advised management on a wide variety of issues including internal employment matters, governance and operations; negotiated contracts with state and municipal entities, sanctioning bodies, and suppliers and vendors; and represented the company in financial transactions. Ms. Schultz also worked closely with outside counsel to obtain federal and state trade mark protection for the company’s intellectual property.

Corporate Finance

At RECOLL Management Corporation, Ms. Schultz managed six other attorneys, advised the senior approval committees, and carried her own workout case load. Ms. Schultz’s loan workout portfolio, representing tens of millions of dollars owed by corporations and real estate partnerships, involved debt restructuring, complex civil litigation and creditors rights in borrowers’ bankruptcy proceedings.

Administrative Law

Ms. Schultz has represented hospitals before the Provider Reimbursement Review Board, the administrative body within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid that adjudicates requests for additional Medicare reimbursement. She represented the physician committee at a major New England hospital in connection with physician discipline proceedings. Ms. Schultz represented a developer seeking permits for a gas station in multiple administrative hearings before the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.  She successfully represented a group of former kennel owners seeking additional compensation from a government agency.

When Ms. Schultz was an Assistant Administrative Magistrate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she presided over hundreds of evidentiary proceedings and prepared decisions for multiple state agencies on a wide variety of disputes. Ms. Schultz’s work for the Rate Setting Commission primarily involved hospitals’ requests for adjustments to their reimbursement rates. Ms. Schultz’s work on behalf of the Contributory Retirement Appeal Board involved adjudicating whether municipal employees were entitled to retirement benefits. Her work on behalf of the Civil Service Commission involved municipal employee discipline, while her work on behalf of several Boards of Registration involved practitioner discipline. Ms. Schultz also adjudicated compensation disputes between construction contractors and the Commonwealth.


Ms. Schultz has dealt with employment disputes from multiple vantage points. She has represented companies and individual employees in employment disputes, and acted as the judge resolving employment disputes.


Ms. Schultz has practiced law in a variety of settings: small firms, mega-firms, litigation boutiques, for the Commonwealth, for a government contractor and a private non-profit entity. She has handled bench trials, jury trials, and complex motion practice; she has argued appeals in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts and conducted or defended hundreds of depositions. Ms. Schultz has also devoted a substantial amount of time to ‘pro bono’ work. She has advised Harvard Law students in trial and appellate advocacy technique, served as an instructor in Brandeis University’s Politics Department, and served as a Pre-Trial Conferencer in the Boston Municipal Court

Ms. Schultz may be contacted directly by phone or via email at: hschultz@schultzlawllp.com