The firm’s appellate practice is headed by partner Stephen Schultz, who has been honored as a “Top Rated Lawyer for Appellate Law” by Martindale Hubbell, The American Lawyer and The National Law Journal. At Yale Law School, Mr. Schultz won the Benjamin J. Cardozo prize for the best appellate brief written in the school’s moot court program, as well as the prize for writing the best brief in the northeast region of the National Moot Court competition. In the close to forty years since his graduation, he has continued to write quality briefs in appellate courts across the country, including two appeals that he has handled in the United States Supreme Court. As one of the best appeals lawyers around, he has handled appeals raising some of the following issues: a patient’s right to die, the right to forcibly medicate psychiatric patients, a state’s right to restrict corporations from seeking to influence state referendums, a homeowner’s right to sue for breach of an implied warranty of habitability, the constitutionality of changing a tax rate in the middle of a tax year, and the constitutionality of a constructive taking of property by a city for economic development purposes.

Mr. Schultz has also handled numerous appeals involving the more typical question of whether a lower court judge abused his discretion in reaching his/her opinion.  He has handled a number of cases challenging the amount of damages awarded by the trial court.

Schultz Law welcomes the opportunity to represent clients, who were either dissatisfied with trial counsel or who utilized other attorneys, who do not specialize in appellate practice, to handle their trial. The firm cautions potential clients, however, that certain notices must be filed promptly after the issuance of judgments below in order to preserve appellate rights and a decision on which counsel to retain to handle an appeal must be made promptly if you are seeking or taking rather than defending an appeal.

If you believe you may need appellate counsel, please contact Mr. Schultz directly by phone at 617-951-9980 or by e-mail at