Hilary Schultz, has represented many small companies and businesses regarding their day-to-day legal needs. While her experience is considerable, possibly of equal importance, she has  the common sense and independent judgment needed to successfully guide small businesses.

Ms. Schultz, who worked at a start-up company as in-house counsel for approximately four years, has advised management on a wide variety of matters, including internal employment matters, governance and operations, contract negotiations with state and municipal entities, sanctioning bodies and suppliers negotiated contracts with state and municipal entities, sanctioning bodies, and suppliers and vendors, financial transactions and the obtaining of federal and state trade mark protection.

She has also represented several companies in their dealings with governmental agencies. She has represented both companies and shareholders in shareholder disputes involving such matters as employee stock option plans, access to company records, the issuance of dividends and duties of loyalty and conflicts of interest.

Finally, she  has particular expertise in the working out of troubled loans, having spent approximately four years working at RECOLL Management Corporation, supervising six other attorneys, in the working out of tens of millions of dollars of troubled loans.

If you have are a small business seeking legal counsel, please contact Ms. Schultz  directly by phone at 617-951-9980 or by e-mail at  hschultz@schultzlawllp.com .