Hilary and Stephen Schultz have represented companies as well as individuals in employment disputes before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, in state court and in federal court. Mr. Schultz defended Harvard University in a case alleging sex and age discrimination following layoffs at the Harvard Medical School. He defended ConAgra, a Fortune 500 Company, in a case alleging wrongful termination and an implied contract. He represented a Senior Vice President of a Fortune 25 company who lost the opportunity to become CEO of another Fortune 25 Company after having been falsely promised that he was the only internal candidate to become CEO of the Company for which he worked; he successfully settled the matter prior to the commencement of litigation. He has represented  a doctor, who alleged he was terminated as the result of his making complaints regarding questionable medical procedures permitted to be performed as a courtesy to a “VIP”, and a hospital administrator who alleged that false staffing numbers were submitted by the Hospital  to assure continued  receipt of Medicaid funding; he successfully settled both of these cases.

Hilary Schultz has also successfully represented a hospital administrator and a practitioner, who alleged that the Hospitals at which they worked had filed false reports to obtain funding.

In addition, Hilary and Stephen Schultz have represented countless senior executives and sales people in cases involving wrongful terminations, severance agreements, claims for unpaid commissions, discrimination and non-compete agreements.

If you have been offered a position or are facing termination and need advice at to what is appropriate to seek in your circumstance, please contact Hilary Schultz directly by phone at 617-951-9980 or e-mail at hschultz@schultzlawllp.com.