Legal fees can be so high as to negate any gains accomplished through the retention of legal counsel. Engel & Schultz is critically aware of how the cost of legal fees can limit the benefits of legal representation, for example many people ask; can I keep my car and house in bankruptcy, that’s a legal situation that require representation.

Our partners bill less than half of what some similarly qualified partners bill at large Boston firms. We vary our fees to fit our clients; we do not bill individuals the same amount we bill corporations. We do not bill all individuals the same rate, regardless of their circumstances almost always due to the personal treatment of every case. We have billed clients “only” several hundred thousand dollars, who confide in us at the conclusion of our successful representation, that they were quoted over one million dollar for the same services by larger law firms with whom they spoke before retaining Engel & Schultz.

We also recognize that most individuals cannot afford legal fees of “only” several hundred thousand dollars. Thus, we offer flexible fee arrangements, where we will consider billing at hourly rates with a cap on total legal fees, reduced hourly rates accompanied by good result contingencies and contingency arrangements in appropriate circumstances where the likelihood of success justifies taking a matter on a contingency basis.